How Chinese Works (Menu)

How Chinese Works (Menu)

This page is a menu page of How Chinese Works series.

I may update this page in any time, as long as I have any new thoughts.

This series contains 2 parts now.

The first part is “How Chinese Works.” It is an introduction of Chinese, focusing on how it works and some basic skills needed for reading Chinese.

The second part is “Chinese is NOT That Hard.” It is an advanced part comparing to “How Chinese Works.” This part will discuss Chinese grammar and the aim is to let you read Chinese fluently.



  1. How Chinese Works – The History of Chinese
  2. How Chinese Works – Characters
  3. How Chinese Works – Things inside Characters: Radicals
  4. How Chinese Works – Words
  5. How Chinese Works – Separating Sentences into Words
  6. Chinese is NOT That Hard – Basic Grammars
  7. Chinese is NOT That Hard – Measure Words
  8. Chinese is NOT That Hard – Prepositions
  9. Chinese is NOT That Hard – Conjunctions


More new thoughts and ideas on the way……

If you have any suggestions, please leave your comments below. I appreciate them.

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