Human Rights Fighters? For the wrong candidates!

Human Rights Fighters? For the wrong candidates!

Just saw a wikipedia news post about a vice professor from a really good university in Beijing who was caught by Chinese Police just received some kind of “human rights fighter” reward.

I know that he was caught because of his speaking. However, to let someone fight against the country is not allowed in most countries.


See the Irish Republican Army – they want to make North Ireland become a part of Ireland but not Great Britain, and they were wiped out by British government, so that is normal.

See the Civil War of the United States – they want to make southern US independent, and they were wiped out by the old, northern government.

Why when China does the same thing, these countries above complain: China, you are humiliating human rights!

Why we cannot do the things they’ve done? Why we need to be criticised by them when we do the same thing to ensure the integrity of the country? Why?


Yes, China did some wrong things in the before, but you also did the same thing in recent years! See the “Occupy Wall Street” movement, all people were drove away too. Why you are not criticized by yourself??

If you sponsor Tibet/Taiwan/Xinjiang independent movement, can we also sponsor Texas/California independent movement?

Please remember, Xinjiang is controlled by China for about 2000 years, and most of you guys did not control your own country territory for that long.

Yeah, that’s right, I’m talking to you, western countries!

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